D.C. Confidential

So after a conversation today, I wanted to search my vault for my D.C. connections. Then I remembered, I worked with one of the preeminent Go Go bands in history; Experience Unlimited, or better known to the world as, E.U.

The story of how it all came to be has some lowlights, but for this trip let’s eat the meat and throw out the bones. 

I had just been signed to Virgin Records America as a solo artist, and was asked to co-write a few songs for the band’s Virgin debut, “Livin’ Large.” My only association with Go Go prior to this was what I had heard from Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers, and maybe some Trouble Funk stuff. But working with Juju House and the guys was a baptism by fire! 

I ended up writing that title track, and also the song includes me singing in the voice of my ‘90’s superhero persona, “Mr. Hoo!.” I also wrote the thoroughly politically incorrect, “Shake it Like a White Girl.” (I know, there’s NO way I could get away with writing a song like that now.) I also ended up co-writing, “Buckwild.” 

Check out the video for “Livin’ Large” below.





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