Words Have Power (Part 2)

My Prostate Has Cancer: An Update On My Progress

By: Kipper Jones

Image: Kipper Jones, Haulover Beach, FL (June, 2022)

To say that digesting all of the information after a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, isn’t only an understatement, it’s…

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Words Have Power

My Prostate Has Cancer

By: Kipper Jones

Image: Kipper Jones' Surprise 17th Birthday Party - 1979 (Dad, Grandmother and Grandfather)

We have to talk! When we tell our stories, our truth, we are not only liberating ourselves, but those who

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Tumes (A Tribute To James Mtume)


By Kipper Jones

Image: Kipper Jones & James Mtume (1988)

I can’t just say, “Rest in peace, Mtume," like he’s just another celebrity swept up in this wave of transition. No, I absolutely must take this moment to share…

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The Next Reinvention

Recently, my dear friend and brother and musical icon, Cornelius Mims, was interviewed on an internet radio program called The Michael Gay Show. The host knew that Cornelius and I have over 40 years of history together in the…

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The Godfather and Fistful of Soul

In 1976, there were few Black recording artists bigger than James Brown. He had burst on the scene two decades earlier like a comet, and in the years since had achieved unprecedented success. Although he had previously been dubbed, “Mr…

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D.C. Confidential

So after a conversation today, I wanted to search my vault for my D.C. connections. Then I remembered, I worked with one of the preeminent Go Go bands in history; Experience Unlimited, or better known to the world as, …

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Always and Forever ...

Back in March of 2013, while I was still performing as part of pianist, William Green’s outfit at Atlanta’s legendary Cafe 290, I was told that Mr. Keith Wilder from one of my very favorite musical aggregations ever, HEATWAVE, was…

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