Words Have Power (Part 2)

My Prostate Has Cancer: An Update On My Progress

By: Kipper Jones

Image: Kipper Jones, Haulover Beach, FL (June, 2022)

To say that digesting all of the information after a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, isn’t only an understatement, it’s…

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Words Have Power

My Prostate Has Cancer

By: Kipper Jones

Image: Kipper Jones' Surprise 17th Birthday Party - 1979 (Dad, Grandmother and Grandfather)

We have to talk! When we tell our stories, our truth, we are not only liberating ourselves, but those who …Read more

Tumes (A Tribute To James Mtume)


By Kipper Jones

Image: Kipper Jones & James Mtume (1988)

I can’t just say, “Rest in peace, Mtume," like he’s just another celebrity swept up in this wave of transition. No, I absolutely must take this moment to share…

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New Music

"TRUTH IN RHYTHM" - Kipper Jones Interview